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This blog allows you to follow me as I learn new tricks here and there...you can watch as I dive into EPIC failures that you are bound to laugh at (like the time I set my oven on fire...ya...I'm AWESOME) and I'm putting it aaalllll on here...so you can follow me and decide for yourself whether or not to come to me or to go to them...even if you just visit my blog for fun and laughs...that's cool...I'll enjoy the company!

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Not the most creative title...but let me tell you this...the amount of time it took to decorate this thing makes up for it! haha!

One of my friends has a BEAUTIFUL little girl who turned 3 last week and is absolutely in LOVE with TINKERBELL, so naturally twas a Tink sort of PAR-TAY!! She made the cakes, I made the fondant and frosting, and we tackled that thing like it were the Dallas Cowboys football team! It took us over 8 hours of decorating time...not to mention all the stuff before hand...I think there were a dozen different colors of fondant to make all the different colored leaves and flowers...then there was the waterfall (courtesy of a FABULOUS cake on the web) which took nearly 2 hours to make just on it's own. The flower on top was a beautiful touch by Melinda (my friend) and she had all the pretty little fairies that are friends with Tinkerbell...INCLUDING the big 'ol mouse...It was EPIC. My best efforts by far (in my opinion) with only the borders between the 2 top tiers that were flawed. Everything else was a masterpiece.

It seems like a perfect end to this cake decorating thing...sort of...I have a couple more orders to go and then I shall be taking a small hiatus simply to allow me brain the necessary space to add "jumping back into the workforce" to it. Maternity leave is ending, and as much as I LOVE decorating cakes, finances are calling and bills need to be paid, so the hobby must be put aside temporarily until I am back in the game. I DO have a few more cakes to make (including my little baby's very first birthday!!!) so tis not over!! and who knows...I am constantly finding myself going against what I say and so I might just end up giving in...and taking an order for a cake I simply CAN'T refuse...for example...ANYTHING...but that's because I'm a dummy and have ZERO will power. Making cakes is like drinking coffee to me...if I go too long without it, I start having withdrawals...headaches...mood swings...that sort of thing...lol

Anyhow, that was Tinkerbell, then one of hubby's coworkers called the other day asking for a last minute birthday cake. So naturally I said yes...tee hee hee!!! It was a super yummy 4 layer carrot cake separated with sweet, thick cream cheese frosting....DEE-LISH!!

Here are some yummy photos!!

At the party, the mouse was added, which was a perfect addition to this wicked work of art!!!

We had to put little bunches of cling wrap under the petals to keep it stable as it dried.

Between to 2 top tiers: the borders are flawed, but it's an easy fix. Next time I just have to remember to cut the bulbous part of the cake off...creating a flatter top...

Close-up of the waterfall. I LOVED the chocolate rock effects...they were tasty too! :) And the leaves turned out wicked as well!!

This was just a simple carrot cake made to order for a coworker of my husband.  TONS of cream cheese frosting between 4 layers of moist, delicious carrot cake!! mmmmmm.....


  1. I have a hard time saying no too when it comes to sewing for people, because I know I can do it perfect for them. Good luck on the return to work thing. I never could, I'm just the type of person that doesn't work well with bosses. So I work for myself.

  2. hahaha! IF I ONLY COULD MY DEAR!!! I wish! Unfortunately, I am not quite learned enough to be at that point just yet...It's definitely a goal for the future though! It IS hard to say no when it's so incredibly tempting!!